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About ABC Montessori

ABC Montessori Venturing into education sector is like pursuing a life time opportunity. It not only offers noble opportunity to make good fortune but also allows re-paying the society by contributing towards the brighter future of children. ABC Montessori is India’s fastest developing American Chain of Montessori Preschool since 2004 and has presence pan India. ABCM is an ISO certified unit of registered (not for profit) entity, and is supported by over 400 million GCS Group, which has rich experience and expertise in franchising, and is proud of its over 2000 plus successful franchisee network in education sector. It continuously keeps on associating with leading Montessori organizations and entities, by virtue of which it is benefited with the guidelines and latest development in Montessori World. ABC Montessori is the Member of International Montessori Council, USA; the Member of American Montessori Society, USA. It is managed by professional team, comprising of people with rich experience and having broad knowledge basis in domain of education and franchise management. It’s technical capability is further supplemented and complemented by panel of Montessori Trainers and Teachers, who are given panel appointments at different geographical locations to mentor, monitor and ensure international standards of Montessori Education.

ABC Montessori offers Franchise and Master Franchise for its Montessori Day-Care, Montessori Pre-School and Montessori Teacher Education Centre projects to aspirant entrepreneurs and existing institutes across India and abroad. The success of the associate is ensured, through complete guidance to set-up, start and manage the Project. The associate is facilitated with support package (partially fully complementary and partially on contributory basis), which includes in addition to marketing plan and campaign, options for Montessori Entrepreneur Workshop, Pre-School Operations Manual, Pre-School Interior Manual, Montessori Teacher Training Course, preschool equipment list and special discount from shortlisted vendors, Curriculum, Language cards, Culture Science cards and Exercise books for Day-care and Pre-school.

The Montessori Teacher Education Centers are also facilitated with Montessori Teacher Training Course Curriculum and reference books for teacher students. ABC Montessori student observation and evaluation record is unique in the world for its design. Its implication is inspiring and empowering the individual child. It is based on the Montessori premise 'Compete with yourself'.

The early childhood students graduating from ABC Montessori are awarded with international standard Montessori certification. The teacher students have option to get their internship in India, USA or in any other country, subject to VISA.


The vision of ABC Montessori is to be the global leader in child development through empowerment. The aim of ABC Montessori is to identify latent talent, provide ample opportunities in authentic Montessori Environment under trained Montessori Directress to tap and optimize the hidden potential of children across the globe as one of the strategic levers to create sustainable growth. ABC Montessori addresses both inner and outer powers of body, mind, heart and spirit of each child. Montessori method of education brings about metamorphosis in education from the cocoon, a butterfly must emerge.


Mission at ABC Montessori is to spread "The Montessori way - knowledge of how children naturally learn", across the globe.

Aims and Objectives

  • Nurtures the whole child.
  • Personalized learning for each child.
  • Builds analytical and logical skills for better cognitive development.
  • Intrinsically motivated - becomes the best possible version of one self.
  • Encourages children to realize their true potential
  • children develop joy in learning
  • Prepares children to be life- long learners by developing their skills as academic achievers
  • Celebrates diversity and appreciates similarities.
  • Values given more importance than knowledge.
  • Perfection a way of life.
  • Builds original thinkers.
  • Universal peace.


ABC Montessori is the member of two prominent organizations that also provide accreditation to the Montessori schools around the world. These are:
  • The International Montessori Council, USA
  • The American Montessori Society, USA


ABC Montessori ApproachABC Montessori has adopted the Montessori methodology bestowed upon the world by one of the leading advocates of Early Childhood Education for educating and nurturing young children. It is a proven fact that 50% of child's adult intelligence and 90% of adult brain patterns are developed in first five years of age. The Montessori concept helps the child in these most crucial formative years. The concept is based on the fact that every child has unique capabilities and pace of learning. It endorses the fact that children are always eager to explore new things and learn and master new skills.

Montessori is over 100 years old, scientific, globally acclaimed, highly effective method of education. It has been an established fact that Montessori child is normally one and half year ahead of his peer group due to effective Montessori methodology which enhances the development of analytical and logical thought process of child.

Montessori helps the child in the most crucial formative period (birth to 6 years) by emphasized learning through all five senses. This focused approach on development of Five senses (Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch and Taste) in the crucial formative years ensures the competitive edge through out the life of human being. Montessori focuses on nurturing the whole child, covering all aspects (physical, cognitive, social, psychological and spiritual) of his/her development through use of self-correcting multi-sensory material.

At ABC Montessori, the benefits of the authentic Montessori methodology are refined further into a blended curriculum to give an extra edge to students while meeting the aspirations of traditional education system. This helps the students in a great way while switching over to the traditional Indian system. The goals and outcome among Montessori graduates are similar to conventional schools, but the experience of getting there is much more pleasant and stress free for children, parents, and educators.

Montessori education pattern allows children learn naturally. Acclaimed around the world, the Montessori system is followed across 52 countries in six continents. In Montessori system, children are groomed in a natural way. Children are treated as unique individuals allowing them to learn at their own pace. Moreover, the modern curriculum is designed in such a way so as to provide competitive edge to the Montessori children over their peers from conventional schools. But, the best part of Montessori system is that it ensures pleasant and stress free environment for the growth and development of children.

ABC Montessori ClassABC Montessori beyond yesterday's class room

At ABC Montessori, the idea behind education lies in respecting child and grooming him/her for all kinds of challenges in life. Besides this, it is also ensured to provide children with real life experiences that cultivate sense of independence, self esteem and love for peace. ABC Montessori is the pioneer in offering complete solution and guidance to set-up, adopt and replicate internationally operational and proven successful model for Montessori Day-Care, Pre-School. It ensures the success of existing Day-Care, Pre-Schools, Teacher Education Centre, as well as entrepreneurs/individuals with passion for education who join ABC Montessori Franchise across India.
Believing that "Education is the Chief Defence of the Nation", ABC Montessori is committed to promote Dr. Maria Montessori's dream that nurtures the universal values of kindness, compassion, and non violence in children. It leaves no stone unturned in transforming students into future pillars of family, society and the nation. The Composite Educational Curriculum of ABC Montessori is designed, under the expert guidance of specially trained academicians and researchers from the public and private sectors to ensure overall growth of children.

ABC Montessori, BIPS Model SchoolBIPS - Model School

ABC Montessori is guided by Bhupindra Society, which is a nonprofit & non-proprietary organization and is a part of GCS Group. The society is working to foster the cause of quality education, which encompasses all phases of child development. The society is a beautiful blend of academicians, researchers and professionals drawn from public and private sectors, who guide and manage the operations.
Bhupindra Society has in its fold Bhupindra International Public School affiliated to CBSE (upto 10 + 2) at Patiala, Punjab. It is Punjab's 1st IT & ISO certified school. The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure and most advanced teaching aids. Despite the disadvantage of being located at the outskirts of the city, the school has experienced tremendous growth after adopting Montessori as a pilot project and has over 1200 enrollments with about 300 only in Montessori wing. To accommodate additional enrollments the school is investing over Rs. 1 crore on its building expansion from its own funds.

About GCS Group
GCS Group is Rs.400 million and multi facilitated group and is committed towards promoting, imparting and facilitating sustainable quality education directly and through its associate network capable of imparting training in IT, ITES, Banking, Accounting, Telecom, Multimedia & Animation, Agriculture, Automobile, Management and other fields. GCS Group has association with various Ministries, Govt. bodies and Institutions. GCS group is also proud of having over 2 Lac alumni where majority of them have been well placed as per their capabilities. GCS Computer Tech Pvt. Ltd. is registered under Companies Act, 1956 vide Registration No.: 16-21057 dated 06-02-1998.

Our Affiliations
GCS group has also been accredited / affiliated / partners with the following bodies:
  • National Skill Development Council (NSDC), Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India (For STAR Scheme Authorized by Various SSC)
  • Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET) Govt. of India.
  • Ministry of Labor and Employment, Govt. of India.
  • Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India.
  • DOEACC (O, A & B levels), Govt. of India.
  • Punjab Technical University (Regional Center since inception of D.E.P).
  • Director Technical Education and Industrial Training, Govt. of Punjab. Swaran Jayanti Shahri Rozgar Yojana (Skill Training Programme), MC, Chandigarh

The Chairman, ABC Montessori

ABC Montessori, ChairmanThe Montessori system of education is so real, so close to life that it prepares and grooms children for all kinds of challenges in life. Montessori approach is over 100 years old, well researched, universally accepted, scientific and highly effective system of educating and nurturing young children. It helps each child to obtain his full potential by emphasized learning through all five senses during his most crucial (Birth to 6) skill development years.

No wonders, it is the most sought after contemporary way of educating young children. Montessori schools are successfully operational across the world in 52 countries in six continents. Their success story has also given rise to a world wide great demand of qualified Montessori teachers.

Venturing into education sector is like pursuing an opportunity of life time. It is virtually recession free sector and offers a unique noble opportunity to make good fortune while re-paying the society through contribution towards the brighter future of children. ABC Montessori leaves no stone unturned in transforming children into future pillars of family, society and nation.

Existing Schools, Training Institutes as well as entrepreneurs/individuals, are welcome to join ABC Montessori, a rapidly progressing American Montessori Chain of Day-Cares, Pre-Schools, Montessori Teacher Education Centers across India and abroad.

Your success is ensured as ABC Montessori facilitates complete guidance to set-up, start and manage your own American Pre-School, Day-Care and Montessori Teacher Education Centre. You are facilitated with support package, which includes in addition to marketing plan, options for Montessori Entrepreneur Workshop, Montessori Pre-School Operations Manual, Montessori Pre-School Interior Manual, Montessori Teacher Training Course, Montessori preschool equipment, Curriculum, Language cards, Culture Science cards for Pre-school. The Montessori Teacher Education Centers are also facilitated with Montessori Teacher Training Course Curriculum and reference books for teacher students.

Gurmeet Singh Arora
Chairman, ABC Montessori

The Director, Academic - ABC Montessori

The Director, Academy for the Brilliant ChildDear Parents
It brings me great pleasure to reach out to you, and partner with you on this journey of enabling excellence in education. I firmly believe teaching is one of the most sacred professions. It has been truly an awe inspiring journey being a part of the most reputed organization. ABC Montessori chain of schools have risen from humble numbers to the overwhelming ones serving children not only across the length and breadth of India but also abroad. It has attained tremendous height in providing children the best system of education.

Montessori System of Education- The legacy of an illustrious and pioneer educator; theexponent of early childhood education- Dr Maria Montessori has transcended the barriers of all the times. The Montessori system of education despite over hundred year old has proven to be the most modern and futuristic.

ABC Montessori lndia's fastest developing American chain of Montessori Pre-schools are blessed by virtue of treading hallowed path of assisting, mentoring and nurturing children to face real challenges of life full on with beaming smiles.

The Montessori schools have been successful in their venture of creating and maintaining the nourishing environment; which is energizing and invigorating; where children blissfully stretch themselves to their optimum capacity in pursuit of various life skills.

The aim of ABC Montessori is to empower children with ‘self knowledge' that helps to reduce the mismatch between aptitude and the interest as well as reduce gap between aspirations and actual potential as it gets hard later to take a reverse turn and search for one’s passion in life.

Montessori system addresses physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual aspects of each child and brings about their metamorphosis. Children attain global perspective in their attitude as a pre-requisite to acquire greater zeniths.

In the direction of cultivating and nurturing child's spirit, ABC Montessori is fortunate enough to have a kaleidoscope of academicians, educators, professionals that has been incessantly marching towards a persistent endeavour to impart world class authentic Montessori education. The effective partnership between communities and schools testifies the strength of the organization.

It gives me immense pleasure in sharing that there is hardly a more fruitful, greater and more exciting challenge for the academician than to be involved in planning and composing child friendly and age appropriate curriculum. Human values are vital component of ABC Montessori curriculum.

The most striking feature of our chain of ABC Montessori schools is the focus on thought process and de-emphasize rote learning so as to enable each one to become life- long learner. The most powerful ‘mantra’ Dr Maria Montessori gave to the world was, ‘Catch children young ‘. It is my profound belief that foundation laid in Montessori school is the strongest to produce the architects of future. I truly believe each Montessori school is gate way to infinite world of educational excellence.

ABC Montessori
ABC Montessori

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